Ever wondered how interesting it would be if you could make your website available in different languages or preferences as per the need of users???

Well, react-i18next is one of the simplest tools for this! It makes the task of making a react website multilingual extremely easy!

react-i18next is the react implementation of I18next.

Well for all those who don’t know what I18next is, let's have a quick look at what it actually is!

I18next is an internationalization framework based on JavaScript. It can be used with React, Angular, Vue, and also with Node, PHP, Android as well!

All we…

Back in July 2020, when I was leafing through my LinkedIn feed, I came across several certificates posted by my connections on LinkedIn regarding their achievements of GSSoC 2020. Not knowing what it was, I started asking people on LinkedIn about this program. And many of my connections were friendly enough to tell me everything about this program and their personal experiences. It was through them, that I got to know, what GSSoC is and how it is helping many newbies to kick start their journey in open source!

Event Bubbling and Capturing are very important concepts to know if you want to have control over the events fired in DOM!

Event propagation in JavaScript takes place in 3 phases:

  1. Event Capturing
  2. Target
  3. Event Bubbling(default phase)

Step by step, we will understand each of these phases in detail.

Consider we have some nested DOM elements, for example, something like this,

Whenever any code is executed in JavaScript, it runs inside an Execution Context. The Global Execution Context is the very first Execution Context on the the call stack. The first thing JS Engine does is, it creates Global Execution Context and gives you two things:

  1. Global Object
  2. ‘this’ keyword

When I started learning JavaScript I found understanding Prototypes and Prototypal Inheritance quite a lot confusing and intimidating! Even though you can write JavaScript code without having any knowledge of Prototypes in JavaScript, having a good understanding of prototypes is must since it helps you debug your code or helps you understand why a specific part of code isn’t working at times!

Prototypes is one of the most important pillars in JavaScript! In this article we will understand what are prototypes ,what are global objects , what is this __proto__ property and how inheritance works in JavaScript underneath the hood.

JavaScript exhibits some different features and functionalities which sets the language apart from other programming languages! Well Hoisting is one of those features.

Everything in JavaScript happens inside an execution context. Now what is an execution context? Well execution context contains a Memory section and a Code execution section in simple terms. And It basically has two phases:

  1. Creation phase
  2. Code execution phase

Consider the following example,

We all know functions are group of statements that perform a specific task. Functions in JavaScript exhibit various forms .We have a variety of types in functions in JavaScript , like function expression, Anonymous functions, Arrow functions and IIFE.

Lets get started with some basic function pattern which we normally see in other programming languages as well i.e. normal function definition.


function function_name(){



JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language, as it has only one Call stack and memory heap. Well, this makes things pretty slow because if any other program wants to execute then that program has to wait until the previous program has completed being executed.

This is where JavaScript Runtime comes into the picture! While the synchronous JavaScript code is running, we have the web browser running in the background. We have something called Web API or web browser API which lets the JavaScript Engine know that there’s some work pending to be done in the background.

Ever wondered how JavaScript Engine works underneath the hood? What happens in the background when you run a JavaScript code?

Well, learning JavaScript is not only about learning the syntax and semantics. It's more than that, it's about understanding how things work underneath the hood. How things work behind the scenes!

By reading this article, the reader will be able to understand the workflow of a JavaScript Engine and some basic components of the same.

First of all, let’s understand what a JavaScript engine actually is?

To put it in simple words, a JavaScript Engine is nothing but a program…

Shrushti Polekar

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